Leader On-boarding is a ‘BIG’ Challenge:

  • They get little or no support
  • Expected to sort things out on their own
  • Often only ‘safely’ brought in
  • However, they too require a smooth transition, support system and effective team
Poor grasp of how the organization works 69
Misfit with organizational culture 65
Difficulty forging alliances with peers 57
Lack of understanding of business mode 48
Ineffective decision making 31
Disagreement over strategy 28
Lack of experience or skill 26

Often leaders who join an organization are expected to be productive from day-1 without the requisite support system in place. Effective leadership demands smooth onboarding, where a support system is carefully designed and created so that the trasition is seamless and the new entract feels confident to discharge his/her duties.

Kontempore has the requisite capability and experience to ensure smooth leadership transitions. The approach is multi-pronged and it includes the following:

  • Cultural Assessment: Finding out if the new entrant is a proper cultural fit. If not, one needs to create an adequete acclimatization plan.
  • Team Selection: The team that would intially support the new leader and ensure that the journey into a new company is without any undue rough edges.
  • Leadership Coaching: The challenges that most leaders face when they switch companies are often standard. A good coaching can go a long way in addressing the frequently faces issues.