Gamification of Learning

Gamification of Learning through simulations result in deeper understanding of the situation due to greater engagement. The simulated environment also unleashes creative ideas of the learners. The simulation platform provided by Kontempore has the added advantage of imparting flexibility to learning based on learner’s response. The usage of online technology helps in easily scaling the learning process by enabling large number of users to participate in the learning program simultaneously.

Kampus Ease

Kampus Ease is an end to end campus hiring product which works on an AI based simulation engine. It works on SAAS mode and uses Simulation for Assessments. We provide Artificial Intelligence based Simulation engine that does not require any coding from client side to create a simulation.
This flexibility allows for creation of multiple scenarios and integration into any learning program.

Our Assessment Process

The assessment of a candidate is done on the basis of Competence Readiness, Competence Application and Simulated Performance. These factors provide an indication of “where” the participant is in terms of development of certain competencies and the application of those.

Product Features

  • Reach with more than 100 campuses. Competency readiness v/s Application analysis. Cross campus performance comparison.
  • Comprehensive report for all types of abilities. Actionable reports for the future.
  • Individual development report for candidates selected.

Induct Ease

“Induct Ease” is a simplified solution for a complex multi stakeholder process. As you know induction requires coordination between a number of stakeholders including the HR team, new hires ,department facilitators, leadership team and many more. Shortly put it is a nightmare of a process for the HR process owner when run offline. Induct Ease aims at reducing this burden of the process owner, saving cost ( time, effort, money) for the organization and providing standardized immersive experience for all new hires the same way. Additionally this content can also be used over a period of time by the new hires as refresher programs as per need. Induct Ease also provides monitoring features to ensure learning retention by the new hire till the time he or she is completely immersed within the organization.