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Who we are

Started the journey in 2018 as a knowledge management, Kontempore today has transformed into a digital company which deals with knowledge and business solutions. We at Kontempore, help you to develop innovative, technology-based solutions to fulfill your Human Resource needs through rigorous research and analytics.

We provide transformative business solutions which will help the new age business cope with present and future challenges in the areas of talent and human resource management. These solutions are enabled by contemporary and relevant management and technology researched in partnership with top educational institutes, subject matter experts and leading lights of the HR fraternity.

What makes us so different from other business transformation organization?

Well, Kontempore brings together several industry veterans, research support from academic institutions like KIIT university and technology partners to provide unmatched depth and expertise to organizations grappling with the new age business challenges. We bring business transformation using digital backbone in both tangible and intangible areas of business like human resource and business processes.

 What Makes Us Unique?

Kontempore’s experienced team and partner organizations have several years of hands on expertise in managing business, supported by research and technology backbone. However, what truly separates us is “solution mindset” which means we believe in delivering actionable inputs and outcome based results which can bring in quantum change in the organizations capability to grow.

“Business Cycle is getting shorter and cost of doing business is becoming higher”


  • Non-traditional thinking / Out-of-the-box Solutions
  • Leverage Technology
  • Cross-Industry Ideation / Best Practice Sharing
  • Partnership with Academia
  • Freelancing / Gig-economy
  • Digital Education
  • Influence of Social Media
  • Increased Career Choices
  • Digital Natives / Millennial Workforce
  • Globalization
  • Rapid advancement in Business and Consumer Technologies


How We Deliver?

We use double loop learning

What’s Hot?

  • Research & Analytics

    Kontempore has a very strong Research and Analytics function which acts as the foundation for all the products, solutions and services that we offer a. Industry Meets

  • Business Solutions

    We help your organization add digital capabilities for HR and procurement ALONG WITH build custom made solutions to use simulations for assessment and business training purposes. a. Digital Transformation and E-Procurement b. Simulations

  • Leadership Solutions

    We provide a single window for the multitude of talent needs that your organization has. a. Retained Search b. Assessment c. Talent Listing and Sourcing

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